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Serene Angel Urns Ppresidential Companion Marble Companion Urn
Serene Angel Urns
Our Price: $125.00
Presidential Companion
Our Price: $288.00
Marble Companion Urn
Our Price: $300.00

The Serene Angel Urns Series is a collection of elegant, ivory hued angel sculptures. A light dusting of glitter gives them a delightful shine. Each angel is depicted in closed-eyed prayer, with flowing robes and feathered wings. Durable materials provide for indoor or outdoor presentation.

Companion Urn measures 24" x 14"; 430 cubic inches.
Large Urn measures 18" x 10"; 173 cubic inches.
Medium Urn measures 12" x 8"; 21 cubic inches.
Small Urn measures 9 3/4" x 7"; 11 cubic inches.
Bottom loading

This exquisite companion urn is made from solid hardwood and features a sliding top. The Presidential is one of the most beautiful wood urns available today. It has a removable divider and will accomodate two.

Dimensions: 15.75” W x 10.75” D x 7.25” H
220 C.I. each side
Solid Hardwood

Engraving can be added

4-line engraving maximum on top for this Urn.

Photo can be added

The Marble is a beautiful hand-crafted cultured marble urn, holding up to 230 C.I. The highest quality cultured marble urn on the market today. Available in eight elegant colors: White, Rose, Black, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, and Navy. Outer Dimensions: 11.3” W x 7.9”D x 7.2”H. An engraving can be added

TOUJORS COMPANION Ivy Book Urn Morocco Book Urn
Our Price: $565.00
Ivy Book Urn
Our Price: $1,336.00
Morocco Book Urn
Our Price: $1,336.00
Divided compartment
8.8h x 11.8w x 7.5d


Companion Urn
10.75h X 5w X 9d

Large Urn
10h x 3.875w x 7.5d

Engraving available
Cast bronze urn

10.75 x 5w x 9d

10h x 3.875w x 7.5d

Engraving available